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Walkthrough for Escape from Office

The 348th escape game from 123bee.com You have been trapped inside office Room and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of the room.
Click the penholder on the table to get closer.
Get the knife from there and zoom out.
Click the chair on the center and drag the knife to it.
Get the paper piece from the torn chair and zoom out.
Now click the books on the table to get closer.
Click them again and get the Cell phone, zoom out.
Click penholder on the table to get closer.
Get the pendrive near the penholder. Zoom out.
Click the flower vase on the table to get closer.
Click it again and get the paper piece. Zoom out.
Get the water bottle, zoom out.
Click the curtains to get closer and click the rope.
Get the clue paper and zoom out.
Click the table lamp, switch it on and get another paper piece. Zoom out.
Click the paper piece in the inventory panel.
Drag them to the new window and also the water bottle.
Click the water bottle cap to pour water over the paper.
You can see a clue number 8543, note it and close the window.
Click the wooden cabinet to get closer.
Enter the number 8543 to open the cupboard.
Get the laptop and zoom out.
Click the laptop in the panel to open in the new window.
See the word "open" in the monitor.
Insert pendrive in the laptop, click "send to" and then "pendrive".
Get back the pendrive and close the window.
Click the PC monitor, and logon to the EMI user.
Insert the pendrive to the CPU and read the question, zoom out.
Click the wall picture to get closer, and read the answer "J.K Rowling". Zoom out.
Click the PC monitor, type the answer "J.K Rowling".
Wait for a while and note the clue number 1130. Zoom out.
Click the drawer below the table lamp.
Enter the clue number and get the battery. Zoom out.
Click the Cell phone in the panel and click again to turn.
Insert the battery to the cell phone and turn it.
Receive the SMS and note another clue number 7867. Close the window.
Click the door on the left, enter the clue number 7867.

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