Spy Live:
Good 81%
Bad 19%
Spidey is in trouble again, with no help from the local authorities and facing against one of his arch-enemies .. The Sandman... he has to go head to head in a bike race... Help him defeat this mighty foe. Whatever you do try and stay on your bike until the end of the race, do not let the Sandman complete the level before you! Use the arrow keys to keep ahead of him, and gain as many power-ups as you can, they will help you out in this race. Your spidy-senses have to be at their best, always try and be aware of your enemy's presence, the sandman is a tricky foe, and his biking skills are top-notch. Have fun and do not forget to use your spidy senses they will get you through the levels if their at their best. Good luck!
Use arrow keys to play.
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