Spy Live:
Good 88%
Bad 13%
All the heavy trucks are battling each other for the ultimate supremacy on the road, but they will take their fight into an arena. Each truck has its damage bar above them, while you have yours in the bottom right corner of the screen. During the battle you can pick up power ups to help you. They can give you invulnerability, a shield, speed; they can slow down your enemies, give you some cash or lets you inflict double damage. Whenever you have activated a power up you can see the time remaining in the bottom right part of the screen. Between levels you can use the money you have to buy a better truck, to repair the damages, to upgrade its mass, speed, acceleration and shield and you can also use your upgrade points to get your truck to repair itself over time, to attract nearby power ups during the fight, to improve your armor, you can get turbo power which you can activate with your X key, or get some mines which you can drop using your Z key. Have a blast!
Use your arrow keys or your WASD keys to drive your truck and your space bar to brake.
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