Spy Live:
Good 40%
Bad 60%
rift racing tournament and be the number one driver. Now you can select the mode you want to play in, whether it is Grand Prix where you have to be the fastest racer on all maps to win cash or the Skid Master where you must pick a circuit and pull some smoking skids to reach the target score. You can also choose the Time Attack mode in which you can select a circuit and beat the target time or ultimately pick a circuit and go Freestyle. You have available a garage, where you can choose your car if you have enough money as you win races, customize it, like adding a cool sticker or changing the paint and upgrade it, to have more horsepower or tune-ups. Use the arrow keys for the basic controls and as for the advanced ones, in order to skid, stop acceleration at a corner, press left or right, then accelerate again. Good luck and drive safely!
Use the arrow keys.
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