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Walkthrough for Zoo Escape

The 122nd Escape game from 123Bee.com. Imagine yourself to be in a position where you have got trapped inside a Zoo. Now, you'll have to interact with the animals and divert them to get clues and objects to escape out of that Zoo.
Click on the pin which is at the right side of the monkey’s cage. Click again to add it in the inventory panel. Use the pin to open the parrot’s cage. Now click and get the hack saw blade to the inventory panel. Also take the magnet from the parrot’s cage and add it to the inventory panel. Now click on the tree which is in the center of the cage. Use the blade to cut a part of root which is hanging. Also use the blade to cut the branch which is in the right. Come back and click on the root and the wooden stick from the ground. Now click and drag the wooden stick from the inventory panel to the monkey. In turn the monkey gives us its ring master whip. Zoom in on the plant that is just at the left of the monkey cage. Get the frog after it hops. Turn right. Click the root string in your inventory. Add the magnet. Close the view and use the string/magnet to take out the key from the pond. Click the key to get it. Go right. Note the key the elephant has, but he doesn’t want to give it to you. Go right again and Zoom in on the bananas over the path. Use the blade to get those bananas. Come back. Go left. Place the bananas near the elephant’s trunk. Get the key from the elephant (you can just click it) Turn right. Zoom in on the snake cage. Use the key on the key hole. There is a fishnet over there, but you can’t get it when the snake guards it. Place the frog in the door opening and the snake will chase it. Now get the fish net (click the white part of the net). Come back and zoom in on the fish tank. Use the net to get the clownfish from the opening. Click the fish and add it to your inventory. Return back. Go forward down the path using the middle arrow. The cranes won’t let you fish out the key So, give them a fish instead. Use the magnet to take out the crane key. Click and get the key. Turn right. Use the key on the lion’s cage to open the small door. Drag the whip towards the opening and he will knock out the key. Get the lion’s key. Turn right. Come back. Turn right again, and you are at the gate. Zoom in on the gate lock Drag the key towards the lock and at last you’ll be out of the Zoo!
Walkthrough Video