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Walkthrough for Workplace Escape

The 261st escape game from 123bee.com You are trapped inside this Workplace. Use the clues and objects found there to escape from this place.
Click on the FLOWER VASE to zoom, click again and take the key. Zoom out.
FILING CABINET to zoom and use the key to open the second locker and take the POWER CABLE.
Zoom out. Click on the COPIER machine to zoom and drag the Cable to the socket.
Now switch ON the machine and click the YELLOW BUTTON and note the number 1823.
Zoom out. FILING CABINET to zoom.
Enter the number 1823 to open the locker and take the PEN DRIVE.
Click on the COMPUTER to zoom and click the CPU to zoom.
Insert the PEN DRIVE to the CPU and go up, click on the MONITOR to zoom.
Open the Notepad and note the number 3817 zoom out twice.
Click on the Left side TABLE to zoom and click the PEN HOLDER to zoom and take the CUTTER.
Zoom out twice. CALENDAR to zoom and use the CUTTER to Scratch the 3817 numbers on Calendar.
Now you get the password clue KING. Zoom out.
Click on the LAPTOP to zoom, Switch ON the monitor and enter password KING.
Open the Folder and you get the clue text “AWAY”. Zoom out twice.
Click on DOOR to zoom and click it again.
Enter the text AWAY to open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video