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Walkthrough for Visitors Room Escape

The 272nd escape game from 123bee.com A person, on his way home finds shelter in a visitor’s room because of the sudden out pour of rain. Unaware of his presence in the room, the owner locks the door and moves away. The person got frustrated and started to search for an alternative way to escape from the room. So let’s help him to come out by using the tools and other accessories.
Click the table in the view and get the glass of water,zoom out.
Click the shelf above the sofa and get the Carousel horse,zoom out.
Click the cupboard Near the Fridge, open both the doors get the Toy Gun, Toy Crane and Remote.
Open the First drawer get the camera lens,zoom out.
Click the Toy gun in the panel,it will open a new window,Remove the water tank from the toy gun.
Drag the glass of water from the panel to fill it, again place the tank to the gun, Close the window.
Drag the toy gun from the panel and place it between the toy train and the door.
Click the trigger and shoot at the birds, get the Puzzle piece near the Fridge.
Get another Carousel horse from under the Fridge,zoom out.
Click the Switch board near the door, get the batteries from it, zoom out.
Click the Remote in the panel to open a new window, now drag the batteries to the remote.
Close the Window.
Click the Dark spot near the cupboard, drag the lens to the dark spot and see the key, Zoom out.
Drag the Toy Crane and place it near the dark spot , now drag the remote near the crane.
Click the Remote and get the key from the Hole, zoom out.
Click the painting near the window get the 2nd puzzle piece, zoom out.
Go right click the tall Cupboard,open the 3rd drawer get the flyer and open last drawer get the bubble toy, zoom out.
Clcik the bubble toy in the panel to open a new window,get the bubble blower Close the window.
Drag the blower from the panel, near the sleeping cat, get the 3rd Puzzle piece.
Drag the Flyer from the panel above the bed, get the 4th puzzle piece near the cupboard,zoom out.
Click the small cupboard in the left of the bed, open the 1st drawer and get the pin wheel.
Open the 2nd drawer get the Carousel ,zoom out.
Go Left click the Carousel in the panel to open in a new window.
Now drag the 2 Carousel horse from the panel attach it to the Carousel and get the 5th puzzle piece,close the window.
Drag the pin wheel from the panel place it in the window,get the 6th puzzle piece near the toy train.
Now use the key to the toy train and get the 7th (Last) puzzle piece,zoom out.
Click puzzle in the panel to open a new window.
Arrange the Puzzle pieces and note the Clue "SWAN"
Close the window.
Click the cupboard near the fridge use the clue SWAN to open the drawer, get the logical Puzzle, zoom out.
Click the Logical Puzzle in the new window Connect the pairs correctly and get the clue no."9875", close the window.
Use the Clue no. 9875 in the door.

Walkthrough Video