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Walkthrough for Vintage TV Room Escape

The 307th escape game from 123bee.com Another cool escape game for you to test your intelligence. On a holiday you and your friends visit an exhibition, there you go into a vintage TV room. Accidently the security locks the door, without knowing that you were inside. Now your job is to escape from there with your friends by using the clues and objects found inside the room.
Click the table on the right and get the toy fan, zoom out.
Click the television table, get the screw from there.
Open the drawers and get the wire, AV plug and fish food, zoom out.
Click the drawer under the fish tank, Click again and open the first drawer on the right.
Get the screw driver and the cutter, zoom out once and click the fish tank.
Open the lid of the tank and drag the fish food to it, note the colors of the fishes (Blue, Yellow, Red, Black), zoom out.
Click the color code drawer and change the color as per clue from the fishes.(Blue, Yellow, Red, Black)
Get the battery from the drawer and zoom out twice.
Open the toy fan in a new window, drag the screw to it and then the screw driver.
Open the battery cover of the fan and insert the battery to it, note the direction of the rotating fan and close window.
Now open the wire in a new window, drag the cutter to it followed by the AV plug, again drag the cutter to it and close window.
Click the clock and note the direction of the clock rotation, zoom out.
Click the wash basin and open the tap, note the direction the water drips, zoom out.
Click the rocket and note the direction of the rocket, zoom out.
Get back to the television table and change the directions as per clue from the fan, water drops, wall clock and rocket.
Get the Antenna from the drawer.
Click the antenna to open a new window and drag the wire to it, close window.
Draw the antenna to the television and click the wire.
Note the clue (6,4), click the calendar by the deletion and note the clue (21) and zoom out.
Click the main door and enter the clue No’s (6421) to open the door.

Walkthrough Video