Spy Live:

Walkthrough for Villa House Escape

The 435th escape game from 123bee.com A thief locked himself in villa house and has to escape before getting caught. Make him to escape using the clues and objects in the flat. Have Fun!
Click on the table and take the scissors.
Click on the flower pot and take wooden piece.
Take a rod from below the computer.
Go to left, click on the shelf right side corner and take a cable.
Click on left side top cupboard.
*Click the cupboard on the left*
Drag the rod, open it and take a card.
Click the card and use the scissors to cut it and take a Plectrum.
Click on the right side bottom cupboard and take a Cutting Pliers.
*Click the last cupboard on the right and take Cutting Pliers.*
Go to right twice, Open left side bottom cupboard and take a Microphone.
*Go right twice, Open the bottom cupboard on left and take a Microphone.*
Click on top of the book shelf and take *an* iron rod.
Take the *drinking* Glass *near* the computer.
*Go right*, click on the washbasin and drag the glass.
Click the tap to fill *with* water and take it back.
Click on the left side cupboard and take a Hacksaw Frame.
*Click the cupboard on the left and take a Hacksaw Frame.*
Click on the right side cupboard and take a Blade.
Click the cupboard on right and take a Blade.
Click cup and saucer and take a Knife.
Click hacksaw and drag the blade and take it back.
Click the hacksaw frame and drag the wooden piece.
Take a wooden piece.
Click the wooden piece, drag the iron rod to fix and take it (Knife Sharpener).
Click the knife and drag the knife Sharpener to *sharpen* the knife.
Take the knife.
*Go left* thrice, click the pillow and drag the knife.
Take *the* First Aid Box.
Click the First Aid Box, open it and take a Medicine.
Click the Medicine and use the cutting plier to cut and take it.
Click the glass of water and drag the medicine and note the color.
*Go right* twice and click the cupboard which is in near the bed.
*Go left* twice, click on the locker *on the* right side wall corner.
Use the key to open and take a Guitar.
*Go right*, click the computer and switch on the CPU.
Click the Microphone, drag the cable to connect and take it.
Drag the microphone to the CPU.
Drag the Guitar and then Spectrum.
Now you get the clue number 362 from the monitor.
Go to kitchen, Click on the right side cupboard.
Enter the number 362 to open and take a box.
Click the box and take a Screwdriver.
*Go left* twice, click the door and use the screwdriver to open the socket.
Drag the cutting *pliers* to cut the wire and escape.

Walkthrough Video