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Walkthrough for Turkey Escape

The 24th Escape game from 123bee.com.
This game is specially developed for thanksgiving celebration. For Thanksgiving Day celebration, Turkey dishes are the desired food. One person made an arrangement, and locked the turkey in his farm house. You have to help the turkey to escape from this place. Use objects and clues to help the turkey. Have fun.
Turkey Escape Walkthrough: http://123bee.com/play/turkey-escape
  • Add the turkey to the inventory.
  • Pick the stone from the wooden trough.
  • Pick the iron ball from the corner of the room.
  • Open the trap door.
  • Take the pulley.
  • Take the rope on the wall.
  • Click the bucket and take the hook.
  • Go near the dust pan.
  • Take the stone from the inventory and use it to take the nail.
  • Use the nail and stone to break the supporting wood of the wooden plank.
  • Take the pulley from inventory.
  • Connect the pulley with a rope, which hangs on the roof.
  • Take the rope from inventory.
  • Connect the rope with thepulley.
  • Connect the hook to the left side end of the rope.
  • Take the wooden log and place it vertically over the trap door.
  • Take wooden plank and place at above in the wooden log.
  • Drag the hook and connect it with the nearby wooden box.
  • Go closer and place the iron ball on the other end of the wooden plank.
  • Pull the right side end of the rope.
  • The iron ball breaks the roof window.
  • Place the turkey on the other end of the wooden plank.
  • Pull the right side end of the rope.
  • It pushes the turkey outside through the roof window space.
  • You have saved the turkey.
Walkthrough Video
Turkey Escape Video Walkthrough: