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Walkthrough for Traditional Room Escape

The 271st escape game from 123bee.com You are trapped inside this Traditional room. Use the clues and objects found there to escape from this place.
Click the table in the view and get the bowling pin and zoom out
Click the top of TV,get the two bowling pins zoom out
Click the Flower Pot on the left corner get another bowling pin zoom out.
Click the cupboard on the right and get the pin
Go Right click the table to zoom and get another bowling pin
Click the table drawer to open and get the skating shoe zoom out.
Go to left and drag the skating shoe from the panel and place it near the floor mat ,
Get the paper under the table and click it again to open in a new window.
Note the Clue no. 355 and close window
Click the right side Cupboard and enter the clue no.355 in the left drawer and get the bowling ball.
Now drag the 6 bowling pins near the right side cupboard,zoom out
Now drag the bowling ball and zoom to note the clue no. 4123
Use the Clue no. 4123 in the right side drawer and get the stopwatch and coin, zoom out
Click the stopwatch to open an inner window, now drag the coin near on the left of the stopwatch.
Again click the coin to spin and note the clue No.0310 showing in the stopwatch, close the window.
Click the Left side drawer in the center cupboard and use the clue no.0310 to open and get the deck of cards and 4 gold coins.
Click the Right side drawer in the center cupboard and get the putty knife and hammer.
Drag the playing cards from the panel and Drop it on the left side of the floor mat.
Click the floor mat to zoom and no the clue 7 and 3 ,zoom out.
Click the left side cupboard to zoom and drag the gold coins from the panel and drop it on the cupboard and note the clue 1,1.
zoom out Go to right and use the clue 7311 on the lock to release the dog.
Drag the putty knife and hammer from the panel and place it near the table,where the dog scratched and get the key.
Use the key to open the door.

Great Escape.
Walkthrough Video