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Walkthrough for Tidy Room Escape

The 273rd escape game from 123bee.com While you were cleaning your room, your mom locks the room without knowing that you are inside and goes shopping. Find out a way, using the clues there, to come out of the room.
Get the green ball from the Triangular shelf
Click the box in the Triangular shelf, get the key from Jack in the box. Zoom out.
Drag the ball from the panel and place it below the fan.
Click the wall picture and get the piece of paper from the Teddy's head.Zoom out.
Click the Switch board in the wall behind the couch.
Turn ON the second switch and zoom out.
Get another piece of paper from the couch, zoom out.
Click the chair on the left, get the key from inside the pot, zoom out.
Click the television cupboard to get closer.
Use first key to open the cupboard and get the battery, zoom out.
Click on the dolls which is above the television.
Click the battery cover of the third doll, and insert the battery from the panel.
You will get another piece of paper in your inventory panel, zoom out.
Click the refrigerator twice to get closer.
Now drag the key from the panel to open and get the cheese. zoom out.
Go right, click on the rat hole and place the cheese near the hole.
Rat will give you another piece of paper, get it. Zoom out.
Now click the pieces of papers one by one in the panel, and note clue number 3589. Close the window.
Go left, use the clue number 3589 in the Television cupboard, get the screwdriver, zoom out.
Click the wall picture on the right, drag the screwdriver from the panel
to the wall picture, get the key, zoom out.
Go right use the key to open the door.

Walkthrough Video