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Walkthrough for Thanksgiving Escape

The 22nd escape game from 123bee.com.
This game is specially developed for thanksgiving celebration.
You are going to celebrate thanksgiving in an island where your ancestors celebrated their thanksgiving.In the island,tribes consider you as a stranger,and imprison you in their hut.You will have to escape from this place.Use objects and other clues to escape.Good luck.
Thanksgiving Escape Walkthrough: http://123bee.com/play/thanksgiving-escape
  • In the Door view, rope is there in the loft.
  • Take the rope.
  • Go to the left side.
  • Take the stone weapon from the loft.
  • Go to the 2nd shelf.
  • In the pot, food is there.
  • Take the food.
  • Go to the left side.
  • Take the lamp.
  • Take the knife from the dress.
  • Take the iron rod from the loft.
  • Go to window, take the food from inventory panel, and throw it to the turkey which is outside.
  • Take the stone weapon from inventory panel and break the lock of the door, near the window.
  • Take the rope form inventory panel and catch the turkey.
  • The Turkey will be stored in inventory panel.
  • Take the turkey from inventory panel and remove the skin by using the knife.
  • Go near the cauldron and make it to move.
  • Take the lamp from inventory panel and fire the wood.
  • Take the iron rod from inventory panel and insert it into the turkey.
  • Place the turkey, inserted with iron rod, into the fire.
  • Take the plate near the fire.
  • Place the roasted turkey on the plate.
  • Serve the turkey roast to the tribe.
  • Finally, the tribe identifies you.
  • You have escaped from the tribe’s hut.
Walkthrough Video
Thanksgiving Escape Video Walkthrough: