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Walkthrough for Super Market Escape

The 251st escape game from 123bee.com You are trapped inside a Super market. Some how you have to escape from there.Use the clues and objects over there to escape. Good luck and have fun..!
Take the Carry Basket from near the door.
Take the Brinjals, Potatoes and Tomatoes from the right side shelf.
Click on the table to zoom.
Click Weighing Machine and drag the Carry Basket and note the weight 0350.
Zoom out, Enter the number 0350 to open the first drawer and take the Calculator.
Drag the Vegetables to the Table and count.
4 Potato,5 Tomato and 6 Brinjal note the clue number 456.
Enter the number 456 to open the second drawer and take the Bill Paper. Zoom out.
Go to left, click on the second Trolley to zoom and take the Paper Piece. Zoom out.
Click the Paper Piece to open in new window and note the items.
Soap,Paste,Powder,Brush,Sugar and Egg. Close the window.
Click on the Eggs to zoom and click the broken egg and take the key. Zoom out.
Take the Brush, Soap, Powder, Paste from the right side shelf.
Click the Tooth Brush to open in an inner window.
Note the clue text “TFM” and click again it to rotate.
Click and Remove the cover and take the key. Close the window.
Go right, Take the Sugar from the right side shelf. Zoom out.
Click the Calculator to open in new window and drag the Bill near the calculator.
Now Calculate the value of vegetables, you get the clue number 250.
Close the window, click on the door to zoom and enter the number 250 to open.
Go inside the room, Click on the Telephone to zoom.
Click the receiver and take the Piece of Paper.
Click the Paper to open in new window, click again and note the number 021.
Close the window and zoom out.
Click on the drawer behind the table to zoom.
Use the key to open the drawer and note the number 21 from the book.
Now you get the number “21021”.
Enter the “TFM” from the second drawer and take the Scanner. Zoom out.
Click on the Monitor to zoom and go down and fix the Scanner to the CPU.
Go back, Enter the number “21021” to login the system.
Drag the Powder, Brush, Sugar, Soap and Paste to the table.
Now scan the all items and you get the clue number on the system 280.
Go up, click on the door to zoom.
Enter the number 280 to open the key door.
Use the key to open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video