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Walkthrough for Secret Agent Escape

The 514th escape game from 123bee.com Saviors! It’s time to save a secret agent. Jade, a secret agent came to investigate in this villa. After collecting the intelligence information, he turned his heels towards the door but unfortunately the door got locked. He was not able to open the door. He got trapped! Help him to escape. Try to hit the high score!!!
Go to 2nd room; take a paper piece from the flower vase.
Take a Hammer from the left side near the files.
Open the middle cupboard and take a key.
Take a key from the pot and take a red book.
Take a Paper piece from right side bottom.
Go to 3rd room, click on telephone and click again.
Dial 367 to get a Star piece.
Take a Screwdriver from near the flower vase.
Open the drawer and take a key from bottom of the flower vase.
Click on the bed drawer, solve it and take a Glass.
Take a Packet and machine from right side lamp table.
Go to 4th room, click on left bowl and take a Paper piece.
Click on right bowl and take a Scissors.
Go to 1st room, click on the dressing table drawer.
Drag a small key to open and take a Pen Drive.
Click the machine; drag Pen Drive to get a clue 892.
Fix the number 892 to open second drawer and take a Star.
Go to 2nd room; click the locker from above the bed.
Open the red book and take a Screw.
Drag hammer, screw and screwdriver to get a Paper and Glass piece.
Go to 1st room, click the paper and note the number 362.
Fix the number 362 to open first drawer and take a Key.
Go to 4th room, click on right bottom drawer.
Use 3 keys to open and take a Star.
Click on the washbasin, drag the glass to fill the water and take it.
Go to 2nd room, click on the star cupboard.
Drag all the stars to open and take a Brush.
Click the Packet and drag the scissors to cut and take it.
Drag all the paper pieces in new window to get the clue “FINGER”.
Click the glass piece, drag the packet and glass of water.
Drag the brush and take the Glass piece.
Click on the door, drag the glass piece.
Fix the text “FINGER” to open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video