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Walkthrough for Seashore House Escape

The 515th escape game from 123bee.com It's always a grief to get trapped. That too,in a place where you went to spent your holiday. In your busy schedule you planned this trip, but to your bad luck, you got trapped inside this seashore house. Are you gonna waste your time in this house or open the door to enjoy your vacation. Hurry up, look around, collect the items, use them wisely to open the door.Have Great Escape!!!!
Take a Puzzle piece on the first table.
Take a Glass on the second table.
Go to 2nd room; take a scroll from near the pillow.
Click on the picture board and take a Puzzle Piece.
Switch ON the Night lamp and note the number 26.
Go to 3rd room, fix the number 26 to open the drawer and take a Ball.
Click on the picture board and note the colors.
Purple, Pink and Yellow.
Take a Puzzle piece from the pillow.
Go to 4th room, take a Vinegar bottle from left side.
Take a Puzzle piece and bowl from the shelf.
Click the picture board, solve it and take a Ball.
Open the right first drawer and take a Liquid bottle.
Click the scroll and note the clues.
Click on the washbasin and drag the glass to fill water and take it.
Click bowl and drag the Water, Vinegar and Liquid and close the window.
Go to 1st room, fix 3 colors to open the left drawer and take a Key.
Click on the puzzle locker and drag all the pieces to get a Ball.
Go to 2nd room, use the key to open left to drawer and take a Ball.
Drag all the balls in the bowl to get the color balls.
Drag all the color balls in new window and note colors and numbers.
Green=5, Red=3, Blue=8, Yellow=6.
Go to 3rd room, click on the locker.
Fix the numbers and colors to open and take a Key.
Go to 1st rom, use the key to open and escape.

Walkthrough Video