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Walkthrough for School Room Escape

The 229the escape game from 123bee.com A teacher punishes a student by locking him in the class room. He wants to get out of the room. Lets help him to do that.
Click the blue color bag on the table to zoom.
Click the zip of the bag’s pouch to open and get a flash drive from it.
Take a paper from the second table of second row from the left.
Take ruler from the green bag.
Get cutter from the red bag.
Click on the wall clock to zoom.
Drag the cutter to the wall clock to remove the glass.
Get the minute hand from the wall clock.
Now click on the minute hand to bend the tip and get it. Zoom out.
Click the first cupboard twice to zoom, use minute hand to open the cupboard.
Get the graph sheet and duster from the cupboard. Zoom out.
Click on the computer to zoom it. Click the graph sheet in the inventory
panel and see the number 2, 1.
Close the window.
Click the paper in the inventory panel, see the number 20. Close the window.
Click the ruler in the inventory panel and see the number 1.
Switch on the Computer and type 2120 to enter.
Insert the flash drive in the CPU, open the removable disk drive.
Open the file “Password” and see the number 5667. Zoom out.
Click on the board to zoom and drag the duster near the marked area.
You will see a locker there. Type the password number 5667 to open it.
Get the key from the locker. Zoom out.
Click on the door to zoom and use the key to open the door.

Walkthrough Video