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Walkthrough for School Bus Escape

Imagine yourself to be in a position where, you are a School boy forgetting to get down from the school bus, as you doze off sitting in the last seat. Even the driver without noticing you, get down and the doors get closed automatically. Use clues and objects found at this place to make an escape.
Click on the Iron rod at the top of the Driver’s left window to add it in the inventory panel.
Hit the windshield with the Iron rod.
Click the Iron rod and break the Tools box.
Now click and get the metal Rod.
In this Rod is the clue 4 in cyan color.
Click to open the wooden box on front top end of the windshield and add it to the inventory panel.
Go back and open the luggage box at the right top corner with the keys
Click the knife and add it in the inventory panel.
Click and use the knife to tare driver seat.
Click the handle to the inventory panel to attach it to the metal rod.
Go to back and use the screwdriver to unscrew the junction board.
There you can see light in four colors, namely Green, Orange, Red, and Blue.
There is a clue in the right side of the junction Board A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4.
Convert the first letters of the colors into their corresponding to their position in the alphabetic order as G= 7, O=15, R=18, B=2.
Add the digits of the double digit number to convert them into a single number (1+ 5 = 6, 1+ 8 = 9).
Open the locker of the luggage box at the left top corner with the number 7 6 9 2.
Enter the number based on the order of the light’s color.
Click the key to add it in the inventory panel.
In frontal portion, zoom in on the steering wheel and use the key in the keyhole found above the gear rod.
Click the gear rod, and the alarm gets activated.
Suddenly the battery gets damaged.
Go to the third seat at the back on your right side, where there is a blade stuck with gum.
Click the blade to add it in the inventory panel.
Cut the sticker with the blade in Bus dash board, where you can find a locker.
In the rear view mirror of the bus you get the color clue with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.
The number 4 would be displayed in the Cyan color inside the tools box.
The number 7 would be displayed in the Magenta color inside the trash box, clear the paper ball inside the trash box.
Unscrew the first aid box, where you find the number 5 in yellow color.
Go back to the last seat at the left side, where you get the number 6 in black color.
Zoom on the dash board again, and enter the number based on the mirror order.
Click the key and add it in the inventory panel.
Go back to the last door and use the key open box.
There is a valve to open, attach the Iron rod into the valve.
Click the valve to open the door.
That’s it.. You have escaped..!
Walkthrough Video