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Walkthrough for RGB Room Escape

The 269th escape game from 123bee.com Help the person to find a way to escape, as he got locked in this multi colored room by using smart technique and ideas.
Click the flower vase in the shelf, get the key and zoom out.
Click on the drawers of the computer table.
Drag the key to open the first drawer.
Get the coin from the inside. Zoom out.
Click top portion of the shelf and get the game board from there.
And also click the book one by one and search the hidden key. Once you find it, get it.
Zoom out, click on the blue drawer, use the key to open it.
Take the fish food from inside the drawer. Zoom out.
Click the butterfly in the green wall, click both the wings and note the clue numbers 7 and 3.
Zoom out, click the fish bowl and drag the fish food from the panel to the bowl.
Wait a while, and you can see the clue number 5 and 2 in the bowl.
Get back to the blue drawer and enter those four clue numbers in ascending order, i.e. 2, 3, 5 and 7.
Take the cutter from inside the drawer. Zoom out.
Click the left side chair, drag the cutter from the panel to the chair.
Get the small box from inside. Zoom out.
Click the box in the panel, open it and get the two dice from it.
Click the game board in the panel, drag the coin to the board.
Now drag the dice to the board.
Note the number 18 and close the window.
Get back to the computer table drawer and enter the clue number 18.
Get the puzzle game board, zoom out.
Click the puzzle game board in the panel to open in a new window.
You can see the 7 different colors in the left panel.
You have to transform the right panel into one color. (It can be any color)
Click the colors in the left panel to change the colors in the right panel.
Once you solve the puzzle, you can get a red key from it. Close the window.
Go right, use the red key to open the window.

Walkthrough Video