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Walkthrough for Pent House Escape

The 258th escape game from 123bee.com A person uses the Pent house as his hiding place to escape from his adversaries.Meanwhile the owner of the house didn't notice the person and he went out locking the door. Now help the person to come out by using the clues.
Take the Guitar from the Couch and click the Guitar to open in new window.
Click the Guitar second peg and take the Guitar strap. Close the window.
Click on the chest in the middle and take Sharpener from the first drawer.
Take the Ink Bottle and Stamp Pad from the second and fourth drawer.
Pick the Gramophone and open it in new widow.
Click the Gramophone and take the Magnet. Close the window.
Click on the Table and open the third drawer to get the Rubber Stamp.
Click the Stamp Pad to open in new widow and drag the Ink Bottle.
Now drag the Rubber Stamp and take the Rubber Stamp back. Close the window.
Click on the chest and click the White Paper on the wall to zoom.
Drag the Rubber Stamp to the Paper and note the Address.
Click on the scroll near the Balloons to zoom.
Use the Guitar strap to open the Map and click the correct address.
Now you get the clue text “E” and take the Guitar strap back.
Click on the Couch and take a book from the window.
Open the Book in new window and turn the pages to get the Peacock Feather.
Click on the Cat and drag the Feather to the Cat and get the Screwdriver and Paper Piece.
Click the Tape recorder, Use the screwdriver to open it and connect the wire and close.
Drag the Guitar to the Tape recorder and Press the record and play button.
Now click the Guitar to record the sound.
Play the guitar sound and increase the volume.
Click on the broken Pot and take the Pencil and two coins.
Click the Pencil to open in new window drag the Sharpener to the Pencil and take Pencil back.
Drag the Pencil near the Couch to blast the Balloon and get the Paper Piece.
Click the coins and note the text “X” and “T”
Click the Paper Pieces and note the text “S” and “I”
Now you get the text “Exits”
Click the left table and enter the text Exits to open and take the Walking Stick.
Click the Guitar strap to open in new window.
Drag the Magnet and Walking Stick to tie the strap and close the window.
Click the Middle chest and click the table to move near the door.
Click the door and go to top view and open the mirror.
Drag the Rope to the window and get the key.
Use the key to open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video