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Walkthrough for Office Room Escape

The 7th escape game from 123bee.com
A stranger is trapped inside an office cabin without possessing an access card, which is mandatory to get out of the cabin. He will have to use the available clues from the objects inside the cabin to make his way out of the cabin.
Office Room Escape Walkthrough: http://www.123bee.com/play/office-room-escape You are trapped in an office room, and you have to escape from here. There is an exit which will open only if you have an access card, or in case of an emergency like a fire accident. You have to create an emergency situation to escape from here, as you don’t have an access card. This is a game with inventories without an inventory panel. The inventories get attached to the mouse of the computer, and go to their source only when you pick up another inventory item. This game has been designed in this format for experimental and test purposes. 1) You have to switch off the main switches on the left end of the wall. 2) This will cut off the current to the other switches. 3) Pick up the metal rod from the third cupboard (from the left). 4) Use the rod to break the switch board. 5) Pick up the paper cutter from the second cupboard. 6) Use the cutter to cut the wires in the switchboard. Slice off the insulation plastic from the tips of the cut wires. Give wrong connections (like red to blue, blue to green, and green to red) and switch on the power supply. The purpose of this is to create a short circuit, and create a flame. 7) Take paper from any of the paper trays and light them at the flames from the short circuited wires. 8) Place the burning paper at the base of the door. The purpose behind this is to expose the access device to the smoke and open the door. 9) Add more paper to the flames to increase the volume of smoke. 10) The door will now open and you can escape from here.
Walkthrough Video
Office Room Escape Video Walkthrough: