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Walkthrough for Naughty Kids Room Escape

The 420th escape game from 123bee.com Little kids were playing Hide and Seek game, a small boy went, to hide in a house but even after long time no one came to find him. When he tried to come out, the door was locked.Help the boy to escape from this house using your keen ideas and tricks. Have fun!
Click on the Fire place and take a Hammer.
Go to left, click on the dolls and take a Screwdriver.
Click on right side shelf and take a box.
Click the box and take a Key.
Click left side drawer, use the key to open to get the number 837.
Go to right twice, click on the cupboard and enter the number 837.
Open it and take a Monitor.
Click on the right side first drawer and take a Key.
Click on the bottom drawer and take a Cable.
Go to right, click on the left side cupboard.
Drag the screwdriver and then Hammer.
Open it and take a Flower and Ram.
Click on the computer table and take the CPU.
Click the CPU and open the cover, drag the RAM and close it.
Drag CPU to the Computer Table and Monitor then Cable.
Now switch on the System.
Click on the Drawer which is in left side of bed.
Use the key to open and take a CD pouch.
Click CD pouch, turn the pages and take a CD.
Click on the Computer table and open the CD Drive.
Drag the CD and note the clue.
Click the Flower and click it again, now you get the clue “6” leaves.
Click the box and note the clue 2 Pacman, 2 Triangle and 1 Square,
Finally you get the number 6221.
Go to left twice, click the door and enter the number 6221 to open and escape.

Walkthrough Video