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Walkthrough for Musical Instrument Room Escape

The 184th Escape Game from 123Bee.com
Unfortunately, A Music student is trapped inside a musical instrument room. Use clues and objects found in this place to escape. Have Fun!
Click on the drum to zoom.
Click the center of the white band, the drums will start playing and the drumhead will be torn
Now click the drumstick and add it to inventory, also the pink coin inside the drum. Zoom out
Click the yellow Keyboard to zoom, Note the colors on the keyboard (Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange). This is a clue. Zoom out
Click the flower vase on the tea table to zoom, add the Flower vase to inventory. Zoom out
Click the right side couch to zoom, Pick the Ear phone and Click the whistle to move, Pick the piano Key to inventory, Zoom out.
Click the black Keyboard, Fix the piano key in the missing key on board, the speaker will open.
You will see the green coin, get it. Zoom out.
Click the right side corner drawer to zoom, Click the blue coin on the home theater, Zoom out.
Click the television to zoom, Note the clue you see, A= 1, B = 2, C = 3, 1+2 =3.
Break the Television screen with Flower vase, in there is a Key, pick it, zoom out
Click the left side Drawer to zoom, Use the key to open the drawer and pick the air pump, Zoom out.
Click the center sofa to zoom, Tear the sofa with the Drum Stick and get the key, Zoom out.
Click the right side drawer to zoom, Use the key to open the drawer and pick the Guitar pad, Zoom out
Click the Guitar on the left, fix the Guitar pad on the Guitar to play, and get the Red coin. Zoom out.
Click on the Trumpet, to view on the inner window. Attach the air pump with trumpet, pressed and an orange coin will come out, pick it. Zoom out.
Click on the radio to zoom, fix the ear phones, Click the red button, a yellow coin will appear, pick it and note the alphabets FMCI I , Zoom out.
Click the Left side top three frames to zoom. Attach the three Coins, Red, Blue, Yellow, Zoom out.
Click the Right side top three frames to zoom. Attach the other three Coins, Pink, Green, Orange, Zoom out. (In the order of clue you saw in the yellow key board).
Now you will see a screen open on the center, there is a locker.
Now enter the numbers as per the alphabets.
FMCII= 64399 (F-6,M-13-1+3-4,C-3,I-9,I-9)
The door will open
Walkthrough Video