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Walkthrough for Modern Study Room Escape

The 263rd escape game from 123bee.com You are been trapped inside a Study room. Somehow you have to escape from there.Use the clues and objects over there to escape. Good luck and have fun..!
Click on the Left table to zoom and take the Ball and Tool Box.
Take the Bat on the Table and Click the Reading Lamp to zoom.
Click to open the Lamp battery cover and take the Batteries.
Click the Bag to open and take the Lighter.
Open the Lighter in new window, click the red button. Close the window.
Click on the Book shelf to zoom and drag the Bat to hit the Shelf.
Click the Snake to zoom. Now you get the key dropped by Bird.
Use the key to open the Refrigerator and take an Egg. Zoom out.
Drag the Egg to the Mouse Hole to attract the snake. Zoom out.
Click the Book shelf to zoom and take the Torch Light.
Click on the Flower Vase to zoom, take the Insecticide.
Open the Insecticide in new window and remove the Cap. Close the window.
Zoom out. Click on the Flower Pot to zoom and take the Flower Pot. Zoom out.
Click the flower pot to open in a new window and take the chain
Click on the Candle Lamp to zoom and take it.
Open the Candle Lamp in new window and click to open it the door.
Use the Lighter to light the Candle and close the Door. Close the window.
Zoom out. Click the Torch Light to open in new window and open the battery cover.
Now insert the Batteries and switch ON the Torch Light. Close the window.
Click the Flower Pot to open in new window and take the Chain. Close the window.
Click on the Wall Picture to zoom and take a Brown Film, above the fish’s tail. Zoom out.
Drag the Bat to near the table and drag the ball and click the Bat.
Click the Paper Piece to zoom and note the number 25. Zoom out.
Open the film in new window, drag the Torch and note the number 37.
Close the window. Open the Tool Box in new window.
Use the number 2537 to open it and take the Hammer, Rope, Hacksaw and Screwdriver.
Close the window. Click the Chain to open in new window.
Drag the Rope to tie with Chain and close the window.
Drag the Screwdriver near the Refrigerator, drag the Hammer.
Click to open the underground door, click the dark place to zoom.
Drag the Candle Lamp to the Chain Hook.
Drag the rope with Chain near the Bees and click the Bees to zoom.
Now use the Insecticide Spray to destroy the Bees.
Use the Hacksaw to cut the Rods and click to escape.

Walkthrough Video