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Walkthrough for Modern Living Room Escape

The 274th escape game from 123bee.com Hide and seek is an interesting game. Few friends gathered together and decided to play. As a part of the game, a boy hid himself in this room. All of a sudden the door got locked. He needs to escape from there. Now help this small boy to come out of the room by using smart ideas.
Click the center table, get the Cutter,zoom out.
Open the left side first drawer, get the puzzle, zoom out.
Click the puzzle in the inventory to open in a new window.
Arrange the puzzle until you get the same color.
Drag the cutter to the puzzle, note the clue no. 3488,close window.
Go right use the clue no.3488 on the drawer, get the paper.
Open the second drawer,get the whistle, zoom out.
Click the dining table and get the bullet, zoom out.
Get another bullet from the window on the right, zoom out.
Click the dog, drag the whistle to the dog, get the paper piece,zoom out.
Click the the carpet,click again and get the bullet,zoom out.
Go left click the television get the paper piece and bullet. Zoom out.
Click the top wall picture and get a bullet and paper piece,zoom out.
Click the paper in the panel to open in a new window, click the numbers in the order to finish the picture.
Get the clue "DEER" from the picture,close the window.
Click the drawer on the left, enter the clue "DEER" get the boomerang, zoom out.
Drag the boomerang from the panel near the couch.
Now click the single couch get the paper piece.
Click the Cupboard in the view,open both
the doors,get the gun, bullet and ball,zoom out.
Click the stump, drag the ball from the panel near the stump,
zoom once again,get the paper piece,zoom out twice.
Click the gun in the panel to open a new window,click the gun again to open bullet holder.
Drag the bullets from the panel load it in the gun,click again to close the holder,close the window.
Go right, drag the gun above the carpet.
Get the paper piece from the dining table,zoom out.
Get the paper pieces from top and bottom of the drawer, zoom out.
Get the paper near the dog, zoom out.
Click the paper piece in the panel to open a new window,
arrange the paper piece, get the clue no. 4311, close the window.
Use the clue no. 4311 in the door.

Walkthrough Video