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Walkthrough for Model House Escape

The 482nd escape game from 123bee.com When I decided to buy a new house, I took the guidance of the retailer. He took me to a model house which is away from the city. When I enter the house, a big slam at the back of me, the door gets locked automatically. Help me to escape from this model house before something happens miserably…
Click on the top locker, solve the puzzle and take a key piece.
Click on the right bed and take a Knife.
Open the bottom drawer and take a Driller.
Go to right, click on the teddy bear.
Open the Zip and take a Battery.
Open the Guitar box on the bed and take a Screwdriver.
Open the right side locker and take a Paper and Box.
Go to right, click on left top drawer.
Rotate the circles to open it and take a key piece.
Open the top third cupboard and take a Stone.
Go to right, open left top cupboard and take another Stone.
Open the right top cupboard and take a Hammer.
Click on the right side second cupboard.
Open it and take a Wire.
Click on the drawer which is in behind the fruit bowl.
Open it and take a Screwdriver handle and Drill bit.
Click on the left drawer, open it and take a Magnesium Stick.
Click the driller, drag the drill bit and take it.
Go to first view, click the right frame.
Drag the Hammer and take a Nail.
Click the wire, drag the Cutting Plier to cut and take a piece of wire.
Click the Battery, drag the nail and piece of wire then take it.
Click the box; drag the driller to make hole.
Now drag the battery to get a screwdriver blade.
Click the Screwdriver handle and drag the blade then take it.
Go to kitchen, click on the stove.
Drag the Magnesium Stick and then knife to light the stove.
Drag the paper to get a clue number 258.
Go to first view, click on the Brief case from left side.
Fix the number 258 to open and take a piece of key.
Go to right twice, click on the right side drawer.
Drag the stones to open and take a piece of key.
Drag the all the pieces to get a key.
Go to left, click on the picture frame.
Drag the key to open and take a paper.
Click the paper and note the clue “BOSS”.
Click on the door mirror and not the number 8055.
Fix the number 8055 to open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video