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Walkthrough for Messed Up Room Escape

The 259th escape game from 123bee.com Mummy wants to clean the room. The young boy of the house hid himself in the room just for fun. Unaware of this, she stops her work and leaves to the market place by locking the room. The boy got scared and uses some tricky ways to escape from the room. So play this game joyfuly.
Take the Alarm Clock from the window.
Open the Alarm Clock in new window and take the Rubber Band.
Close the window.
Take the Lace from the shoe.
Click on the right side drawer open the drawer and take the Air pump.
Click on the Chair and take the Balloon.
Click the Air Pump to open in new window.
Drag the Balloon and use the Lace to tie and take the balloon.
Close the window. Drag the Balloon near the bat.
Click the right drawer and take the Feather and Pencil.
Click the broken mirror and note the clue “O”.
Go right, Click the dog and drag the feather and take the Key.
Click the key and note the clue “E and A”.
Click on the Bag, open and take the pen.
Click on the Radio and take it.
Open the Pen in new window and drag the Rubber Band and Pencil.
Close the window. Go left and drag the Pen near the Stool.
Click the left drawer and note the clue “T”
Click the radio to open in new window and click again to straighten the Antenna.
Click the window and click it to open, drag the Radio to window.
Tune the channel and note the clue “U”.
Now you get the text “Outer”.
Click on the cupboard from top of the Monitor.
Enter the text “Outer” to open the cupboard and take the Umbrella.
Drag the umbrella to the window and get the key.
Use the key to open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video