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Walkthrough for Medical Room Escape

The 337th escape game from 123bee.com Someone has locked you along with an old man inside the hospital room. Use your wits and find the duplicate key in the same room to come out.
Click the trolley table to get closer.
Get the brown medical vial and report pad. Zoom out.
Now click the trolley table on the left to get closer.
Take another brown vial and zoom out.
Go left, click the cupboard on the right.
Get another brown vial from near the plastic bottles.
Open the box next to the plastic bottles and get the syringe. Zoom out.
Click the right drawer on the right side of the room.
Get another syringe from inside the drawer. Zoom out.
Click on the dustbin, get another syringe and a clue. Zoom out.
Get another brown vial and syringe below the calendar. Zoom out.
Ensure that you have collected four syringes and four vials.
Click on the vial in the panel to open a new window.
Drag every vial to the window and then the syringes. Close the window.
Now click the syringe in the panel to open a new window.
Drag all the syringes to the window and note the colors and orders from left. Close the window.
Click the first drawer in the center, set the colors (Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green).
Get the thermometer from inside the drawer. Zoom out.
Go right, click on the patient and drag the thermometer from the panel to him.
Wait a while and get the thermometer back, zoom out.
Click the thermometer in the panel, note the temperature 38. Close the window.
Click the report pad in the inventory panel.
Note the temperature 38 is XD, close the window. Zoom out.
Go left, get the Sphygmomanometer, zoom out.
Go right, click on the patient drag the Sphygmomanometer and place it near to him.
Click the pump to raise the pressure and get the Sphygmomanometer back to the panel.
Now click the Sphygmomanometer in the panel and note the pressure 90. Close the window.
Click the clue in the inventory panel and note 90 is equal to AE. Close the window and zoom out.
Click on the patient's bedside cabinet, and set the code XDAE.
Get the first aid box from inside, zoom out.
Click the first aid box in the panel, get two bandages, tweezers, ointment. Close the window.
Click on the patient to get closer, drag and place the cotton over the wound.
Apply ointment to the wound and then the bandages.
The Patient will give you the key, get it and zoom out.
Go right, click the door to get closer.
Use the key to come out of there.

Walkthrough Video