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Walkthrough for Lovely Apartment Escape

The 432nd escape game from 123bee.com We will be releasing escape games on every MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. You were trapped inside this house accidentally. Use your smartness to find the clues and objects. Crack the codes and escape from the house.
Take pen from the table in that room.
Move right-side room, take book from the table.
Move right-side room, take rubber stamp from shelf.
Take spanner which is at the top stand in that room.
Move right-side room, click top cupboard and take food mixer jar.
Take plate from that room.
Click plate to open in an inner window. Drag pen and sprinkle the ink.
Drag rubber stamp and place on the plate. Now you get ink on the stamp. Close window.
Click book to open in an inner window. Turn pages, drag rubber stamp to get ink impression.
Now note the number 565 on the page. Close window.
Click bottom cupboard and enter 565 on the locker. Cupboard opens and takes the key.
Move left-side room, click cupboard and drag key to open. Take IPod.
Move left twice, click computer table and switch ON the CPU.
Connect IPod with the CPU and note the number 159 on monitor.
Move left-side, click food mixer jar to open in an inner window. Drag spanner to remove blade. Take the blade.
Click red chair, drag blade to tear the outer cover of chair and take the bag.
Click bag to open in an inner window. Again click the bag and Take the ball.
Move right-side room, click wall designand place the ball on ball design. Take the knife.
Move left-side room, click center cupboard and drag knife to open it. Take the key.
Click the door locker and enter the number 159. Drag key to open the door.
Door opens

Walkthrough Video