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Walkthrough for Lobby Escape

The 187th Escape Game from 123Bee.com Assume that you are inside this beautiful lobby, but someone locked the main door mistakenly. You should go out immediately, you can't wait for anyone to open the door. Search for some clues and use your intelligence to go out soon.
Click the Wall clock, note the needle position and zoom out.
Click the first locker to zoom.
Use the number from the clock (126) to open the locker,
Click the green button and zoom out.
Click the right frame on the left view and note the number (5). Zoom out
Click on the left sofa and take the rod and zoom out.
Click the shelf, collect blue file in the end and zoom out.
Click twice on the flower vase on the right, use the rod to break the vase,
Collect the pink key, zoom out.
Click on the DVD player to zoom and switch it on and zoom out
Click the speakers on the right and collect the purple key. Zoom out
Click on the second locker to zoom,
Click the file in the inventory panel to open in an inner window.
Click again the book and collect the green key, close the window
Now use the green key to open the second cupboard. Click the button,
Use the purple key to open the third locker, click the button,
Now use the pink key to open the last locker and click the button
Zoom out and click the photo frame on the left to zoom and note the number (2),
Zoom out and click the frames on the right and note the numbers (7 and 6),
Zoom out and click the door on the far left.
Enter the number (5, 2, 7, 6,) on the door.
The door opens and now you have escaped.
Great escape.
Walkthrough Video