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Walkthrough for Haunted House Escape

The 5th escape game from 123bee.com.

A boy coming in search of his ball is trapped inside the compound of a haunted house.The gate behind him is locked.The only way out for him is to enter the house and find his way out through the house.You can help the boy escape by making use of the clues.

Haunted House Escape Walkthrough This is 5th escape game from 123bee.com Have Fun http://www.123bee.com/play/haunted-house-escape 1) Take the ball first. 2) Take the mirror from the trunk of the dead tree. 3) Click on the brick in the wall, take the knife that appears from here. 4) Cut the leaves of the tree, so that the light rays will fall on the brick. 5) Click on the brick again, and adjust the mirror seen here to redirect the light. 6) Adjust the reflector on the tree to redirect the light on the wall. 7) Click on the four bricks on the wall where the light falls, and adjust the mirrors to reflect the light on the cellar door. 8) Use the knife to cut the ropes binding the cellar door. 9) Enter the cellar and place the mirror on the trap door to reflect the light on the switch on the wall. 10) Press the switch to open the door. 11) Pick up the matchbox at the foot of the lamp in the cellar. 12) Enter the living room and click on the kitchen door to open. 13) Pick up the lamp in the kitchen, and the glass behind the Chinaware. 14) Use a matchstick to light the hole at the top of the device with the crystal ball. 15) The crystal ball will start glowing. 16) Place the mirror at the base of the crystal ball, the number 6 in the crystal ball will appear inverted as 9 in the mirror. 17) Note down the number 7 on the bottle. 18) Go to bedroom upstairs, use the knife to tear the pillow, and pick up the key seen there. 19) Click on the secret chamber on the wall, place the key in the first keyhole and click on it 6 times. 20) Open the draw in the kitchen and take the key seen there. 21) Put the key in the second key hole and click on it 7 times. 22) This will open the bathroom door. 23) Switch on the bedroom lamp, the number 4 in the calendar will be highlighted, note down the number. 24) Enter the bathroom and use the lamp in the inventory to light the room, and place the lamp on the wall stand. 25) Pick up the key from the sieve drain in the bathroom. 26) Click on the bathtub tap, as the water flows, a paper will come floating, note down the number 8 on the paper. 27) Use the third key and click on it 4 times to make the portrait slide aside and reveal another key. 28) Use the key on the fourth keyhole and click on it 8 times. 29) This will open the trapdoor in the cellar. 30) Pull the lever under the trapdoor. 31) This will open the secret door, and allow you to escape from the haunted house.
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