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Walkthrough for Halloween House Escape

The 295th escape game from 123bee.com Celebrate the Halloween day by playing this escape game.You are trapped in a halloween house in the center of the village. Use the objects in the room and find the right way to escape from this halloween house.Play this game and have fun.
Get the skull from the stairs, zoom out.
Get the skull near the barrel, zoom out.
Get 2 skull from the wall and from the floor, zoom out.
Click the drawer on the left, get the 4 bottles from there, open the first door and get the pumpkin, zoom out.
Click the red ring on the floor, place all the skull and drag the bottles one by one.
Now note the clue appearing on the pumpkin, zoom out.
Click the locker above the stairs.
Change the shape of the skull (which you found on the pumpkin), get the book, zoom out.
Get the sword from the wall, zoom out.
Now click the red ring again, place the book there and drag the sword to it.
Again get back to the red ring, click and add the 3 doves to the inventory, zoom out.
Click the drawer on the left, place the first dove there.
Get the scorpion and dove, zoom out. Go right.
Click the dead body, place the second dove there, get the brain and dove, zoom out. Go left.
Click the barrel in the view, now place all the 3 doves on the barrel, get the spider, zoom out.
Click the cauldron on the right, put the items to the cauldron in the following order.(Brain, Pumpkin, Spider and Scorpion), get the key.
Go right.Click the door, Use the key to the door to open.

Walkthrough Video