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Walkthrough for Green Condo Room Escape

The 247th escape game from 123bee.com
A family has come to visit this condo room. The younger boy of the family got so fascinated by the appearance of the room thereby he didn't accompany his parents. The young lad got trapped inside this room, so he is searching for the tools and accessories to escape from this place. Just help him out.
Click on the crib to get closer, click the bed.
Get the helicopter fan from under the bed. Zoom out.
Click on the drawers to get closer.
Open the last drawer and get the screwdriver from there. Zoom out.
Click on the wall clock, use screwdriver to remove the screws.
Get the wall clock; click it in the inventory panel.
Again click it to turn, get the battery from the wall clock. Close the window.
Zoom out; click the puzzle picture on the right side wall.
Solve the puzzle; note the numbers 16 and 18. Zoom out.
Click on the drawer to get closer and type the numbers 1618 in the third drawer.
Get the paste from the drawer. Zoom out.
Click on the air conditioner and note the number 20.5, zoom out.
Get back to the drawer, and type 205 in the first drawer, get the helicopter. Zoom out.
Click the helicopter in the inventory panel.
Drag the paste to the skid of the helicopter.
Click the marked area on the tail boom of the helicopter.
Drag the battery from the inventory panel to the helicopter.
Drag the helicopter fan from the panel to the helicopter.
Close the window.
Now drag the helicopter from the panel to the center of the room.
Wail for a while, Helicopter will bring a piece of paper, get it. Zoom out.
Click the piece of paper in the panel, note the word "ASSIST", close the window.
Click on the laptop to get closer, click the power switch.
Enter the word "ASSIST", wait till it loads and click the notepad, and
note the number 2811.
Zoom out, get back to the drawer.
Enter the number 2811 in the fourth drawer, get the CD. Zoom out.
Click on the CD player which is below the Television.
Click the CD tray and insert the CD, note the number 02:30, zoom out.
Click on the door to get closer, enter the number 0230.

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