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Walkthrough for Eskkapee

Play Eskkapee Game and try your best to get out of the room, use clues and various objects to help you escape the confined space.
Eskkapee Walkthrough: http://www.123bee.com/walkthroughs/eskkapee
    a) Open both cushions find:key and remote b) Go left look in the drawer find:battery and screw driver c) Left again get 1st key use on drawer Find:2nd key and battery d) Right use 2nd key on last drawer Find:cablecord e) Left again use cord on computer f) Right again and put batteries in remote(use screwdriver with) and use on tv g) Then go left position camera making it look like its towards the middle then open right cushion quickly go to the t.v and you find code h) Go left and type code it will say password correct i) Door to the left will open and click.... j) And Escape!!! Eskkapee Video Walkthrough: