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Walkthrough for Escape Land of the Pharaohs

The 479th escape game from 123bee.com You were sent on an archeology excavation to the Great Pyramid of Egypt. While performing your investigation, unexpectedly you were lost from your crew. Who knows it might be a trap of pharaohs. But luckily you have found a motor boat. Your mission is to gather the needful items and use them wisely to escape from the place.
Click the left tree and take a Cloth.
Click the tent and take a Sack.
Click the sack and drag it to get a Key.
Go to right; take a Chest from left side.
Open the chest and take a Wooden Piece and Knife.
Go to right, click the plant and take the leaves.
Take a Chest from center of the rocks.
Click the Chest and use the key to open.
Now take a Scroll piece and the symbol.
Click on left side and take a Sack.
Click the sack and drag it to get a Wooden Piece.
Click on plant right side and drag the knife to get a Sack.
Click the sack and drag it to get a Scroll Piece.
Take a Hammer from top of the tree.
Go to right, click an anchor and take it.
Click the middle of the boat and note the symbols.
Take a Spanner on the boat.
Go to first view, click the Well and drag the Anchor.
Now you get a Chest.
Open the Chest and take a Bowl and a Wooden Piece.
Go to right, use the hammer to break the center locker.
Now you get another wooden piece.
Drag the entire wooden piece to get a symbol.
Click the board from right side and drag the Cloth to clean.
Now drag the symbol to get a Chest.
Drag the scroll pieces to get a clue “Big Stone”.
Go to boat view, click right side of the boat.
Drag the bowl to fill the water and take it.
Click the bowl and drag the leaves and take it.
Go to left, click the big stone.
Drag the bowl and note the symbol.
Click the chest box and click all the symbols to get an Oil can.
Go to right, click the boat engine.
Open the engine cap and drag the oil.
Now drag the spanner to start the boat and escape.

Walkthrough Video