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Walkthrough for Escape Games: Helper

Escape Games: Helper is the 759th point and click online escape game from 123bee.com A helper girl got trapped in a house and need to escape before the owner arrives. Help the girl to escape from the house by searching for the spare key.
go to room 1 solve colour buttons set puzzle on left side wall and take the star & key.
go to room 3 use the key to open left bottom drawer and take snake clue.
open the snake clue, note the direction of the arrow pattern from snake's head to tail.
go to room 2 click arrow buttons in snake clue's order on the left top cupboard.
take 1st bee & 1st silver frame.
go to room 1 take 2nd star from the pillow on right side sofa.
go to room 3, fix 2 stars on right side bottom drawer to take gear.
go to room 2 fix gear on the top right cupboard, solve the pin lock puzzle.
take 2nd silver frame & colour clue 1.
open colour clue 1, note colour order.
go to room 3 set the colour orders on right side front shelf cupboard in master lock,
note the masterlock's number position -6583.
go to room 2 put 6583 in left side drawer to take 2nd bee & 3rd silver frame.
go to room 3 take 4th silver frame from behind the bed pillow.
go to room 1 take illusion clue from the left side sofa.
open illusion clue and drag all 4 silver frames.
note the answers f - red, t - blue, s - violet, e - green.
go to room 3 put "f,t,s,e" letters in perfect colour order on right side front shelf.
take colour clue 2.
open colour clue 2 note the colour order.
go to room 2 set the colour order in honey comb drawer at front bottom cupboard.
note the honey drop's position.
set the slider bee's position in same room at the right side bottom cupboard.
take 3rd bee.
go to room 1 fix 3 bees in escape door...
great escape!!!!
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