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Walkthrough for Escape from the Lavish Room

The 252nd escape game from 123bee.com A get-together party is held in this lavish room. Amidst the entertainment a young lad, stayed back in the room as he is not well. All of them planned to leave for watching a movie in a theater by locking the room. So sad, this poor boy didn’t accompany them and he is alone. So let’s help him to escape from this room.
Click on the Rug to zoom and take the Laptop.
Click the Rug again and take the key. Zoom out.
Click on the Wall Clock to zoom and take the Clock. Zoom out.
Click the Wall clock to open in new window.
Click again it to rotate and open the battery cover and take the Battery.
Close the window.
Click on the Wall Frame to zoom and solve the puzzle.
Now you get the clue number 3377. Zoom out.
Click on the drawers to zoom.
Use the key to open the drawer and take the Cable.
Enter the number 3377 to open the second drawer and take the Sound Meter.
Click and open the first cupboard and take the Screwdriver and Insulation Tape.
Zoom out. Click on the Wall Socket to zoom.
Use the screw driver to open the cover and Drag the tape to the wire.
Zoom out. Drag the Laptop to the Couch and attach the Cable.
Fix the Cable to the Socket and switch on.
Now open the CD Drive and take the DVD cassette. Zoom out.
Click on the Television to zoom and open DVD Drive and insert the DVD Cassette.
Click on the Sound Meter to open in new window and open the Battery Cover.
Insert the Battery and Switch ON the Sound Meter. Close the window.
Drag the Sound Meter to the Left Speaker and note the number 31. Zoom out.
Click on the Left Speaker on the wall to zoom.
Drag the Sound Meter to the Speaker and note the number 75. Zoom out.
Now you get the number 3175.
Click on the Door to zoom and enter the number 3175 to escape.

Walkthrough Video