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Walkthrough for Escape from the Forest of the Fairy

In this game you have to escape the forest by searching items and solving some puzzles. Good Luck!
Escape from the Forest of the Fairy

    - Click one of the middle trees and get the acorns that fall. Note the bird. - Turn left and get the hammer. Note the bottle on the other side of the pond. - Left again and get the pan. - View the acorns and use the hammer on them. Get the acorn seeds. - Place the seeds on the table and go back to the screen where the bird is. Click him. - Return to the table where the seeds were and get the bird. Place the seeds back on the table. - Go to the pond and use the bird on the bottle. Click him. - Return to the table and get the bird and green bottle. - Use the green bottle in the pan. - Use the empty bottle in the pond and get the bottle of water. - View the bird and click the note on his leg. - Go the to the screen with the sleeping fairy. Now looking at the note, click the flowers in the correct order (from left to right, top to bottom): yellow, blue, blue, red, red, blue, red - There will now be a flame on the post. Use the note on the post and get the fire. - Use the water in the bottle to put out the fire on the post. Get the red apple. - Return to the view where you originally placed the acorn seeds on the table. - Place the apple in the green dye in the pot, and then place the pot on the fire hearth. - Get the green apple. - Give the green apple to the sleeping fairy, click him and he wakes up!