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Walkthrough for Escape from Lovely Room

The 297th escape game from 123bee.com Here is a relaxing escape game for you. Can you hear the cry for HELP? Yes! A small girl is trapped in this lovely room and needs your help. To help her escape you have to use the clues and objects found in the lovely room.
Click the books on the table, click it again, get the paper piece, zoom out.
Click the iron box on the same table, press the button, get the paper piece, zoom out.
Switch on the pink table lamp on the left and get the paper piece, zoom out.
Click the flower pot twice and the paper piece, zoom out.
Click on the TV table, open the first drawer and get the tape and knife.
Open the last drawer and get the paper piece, zoom out.
Click on the wall clock and note the time 8, 9, 6, 7. Zoom out.
Again click on the TV table, enter the clue 8, 9, 6, 7 to open the last drawer.
Get the plug wire from the drawer, zoom out.
Click the Television, drag the plug wire to the television.
Switch on the television, get the paper piece and zoom out.
Get the photo frame from the table and zoom out.
Click the photo frame in the panel.
Drag the knife to it and note the order of the colors - Yellow, Pink, Green, White. Close window.
Click the locker on the wall , change the colors in the order as per clue in the photo frame.
Get the paper piece from there. Zoom out.
Ensure that you have gathered 7 different color papers.
Click the paper pieces to open a new window.
Drag the paper pieces one by one.
Drag the tape from the panel to the paper pieces, close window.
Click on the small pendulum clock, you will see a rope, get it. Zoom out.
Click the rope to open a new window.
Drag the knife to the rope.
Repeat the process until you get 7 rope pieces and close window.
Click the chandelier, drag the paper pieces to it.
Now drag the rope pieces one by one to the chandelier.
Turn on the switch in the view, note the clue no. 5596, zoom out.
Click the main door, enter the clue no. 5596 to open the door.

Walkthrough Video