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Walkthrough for Escape from Dining Room

The 213th escape game from 123bee.com
You are mistakenly locked up inside this dining room. Try to come out of this room by using the cluse and objects available there.
Switch on the two table lamps which are near the dining table.
Get the two glasses of orange juice on the table.
Click the wall lamp which is on the right side. Zoom out.
Get the beer bottle which is fifth from the left on the table.
Click the wall lamp on the right, drag the bottle from the inventory to the lamp and break it.
Get the piece of paper from the cupboard which is on the left side.
Click the paper in the inventory panel and note the color codes.
Switch on the table lamp on the wooden panel, then on the lamp shade on the right and get the key.
Use the key to open the second drawer which is near the Television and get the Screwdriver.
Click the flower vase which is on the dining table to move and get a crumpled paper.
Click the crumpled paper to open and see the clues.
Click the bowl on the dining table, pour the two glasses of orange juices and fill the four bowls.
You will see the number clues 4286, note it.
Set the clue number in the code locker which is near the cupboard and get the video cassette.
Click on the Television and insert the Video Cassette in the video player, now set the colors as the clue Brown = Pink, Pink = Purple, Purple = Brown.
See the clue number 9867.
Click on the Cupboard which is near the main door and set the clue number 9867.
Use the screwdriver to open the switch box.
Get the cutting pliers from the cupboard which is above the Television.
Now click on the switch box, use the cutting pliers to disconnect the wire.
Now the power is disconnected and you can get the final key from the wall lamp.
Use the key to escape from dining room.
Walkthrough Video