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Walkthrough for Emis Magical Dream Escape

Lets get ready for a Magical Adventure..! Emi, a cute girl, is in deep sleep. In her dreams she gets lost in a Magic filled location. All you have to do is, help Emi get out of those locations with the help of the fairies. Have a great Journey..!
1st location:
Click and take both the butterflies after it settles down.
Click on the colorful mushrooms which are in the left corner of the scene.
Now take the two little mushrooms which are at the bottom.
Zoom out. Click on the pink flowers which are in the right corner of the scene.
Take the second butterfly and leave it in that zoom in view.
It will settle down in a particular flower. Click and take that.
Now place both the mushrooms above the empty leaf stem. Both the mushrooms will produce a magical portion.
Click on the flower again to get close further. Now place the collected flower below the hanging flower. Collect the fruits.
Zoom out. Click on the hole which is at the bottom left of the corner tree.
Place the other butterfly into the tree hole.
Now keep the fruits in front of the tree hole.
Watch out for a squirrel that comes out to have that fruit and then transforms into a fairy to take our character out of that location.
2nd location:
Click on the hanging shells to get closer.
Click and collect all the 8 shells.
Zoom out. Click on the pebbles which are at the bottom right corner of the scene.
Click on the pebbles now to move them and take the snail.
Zoom out. Click on the tree hole which is at the bottom left of the scene.
Now place the collected snail in front of the tree hole. As soon as you place, the snail’s pair comes out and both join together to produce some more. Click and collect all the snails.
Zoom out. Click on the red flowers which are at the right corner of the scene.
Click and Collect four petals from the top left flower.
Zoom out. Click and get close to the tree hole which is in the center.
Place a petal on the tree hole. Get the bug. Repeat the process for the rest of the petals. Now you will have four bugs.
Zoom out. Click on the first snail to open it in a new window. Give the conch to the snail. It will transform into a big shell. Get that.
Repeat the process to all the snails one by one and collect all the shells.
Once you are done with this process, click on the pond to get close. Get the green colored fish food from the pond.
In the same view click on the fish to get close. Give the food to the fish and take that to the inventory panel.
Zoom out. Place the first shell on the leaf to reach the lotus flower. Now click on the lotus flower to get closer and place the first bug above the flower. Get the pollens from the middle of the flower.
Zoom out. Now place two shells on the leaves given to reach the next flower. Repeat the same process and collect the pollens again.
Use two more shells to reach the third flower and then collect the pollens again.
Place one more shell to reach the last lotus. Use the last bug to get the pollens.
Place the remaining two shells on the leaves to help our character, Emi to cross the pond.
3rd location:
Click the closed shell which is under the water. Keep the pollens one by one above the shell, for a reaction to happen.
The shell opens up to give us a pearl. Get that.
Place the fish beside the shell; Give the pearl to the fish and it will transform into a Mermaid, which will take our character from that location.
Dream continues..!
Walkthrough Video