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Walkthrough for Doctor House Escape

The 446th escape game from 123bee.com A patient went for consultation to the doctor's house. At that time,doctor got an emergency call. He forgot about the patient and left the house by locking him inside. Help the patient to escape from the house using the available clues and objects. Have fun!
Click the landline phone and note the clue 101.
Zoom out and click the left side drawer and collect the batteries.
Click the drawer which is in near the door and get the tools box.
Open the tools box in the inventory panel and take the drilling machine.
Then move on to the bed room, click the drawer with codelock.
Enter the clue 101 and collet the Extension box and zoom out.
Click the self and get the key. Use the key to open drawer under the book self and get the mirror.
Then move to the dining room on right, take the hammer from near the couch.
Get the cutter and candle stand from the table.
Click the drawer and take a bottle.
Move to the kitchen, click the self and take the nail.
Click the cupboard, open it and take a drill bit zoom out.
Click near the microwave oven and take a key.
Take the wooden piece from top of the picture board.
Move to dining room, use the key to open the drawer and get the first aid box.
Move to living room, click the socket near the home theater, drag and connect the extension box.
Click the drilling machine in the inventory panel and insert the drill bit and take the machine back.
Use the drilling machine to put a hole on the wall, near the extension box.
Drag the wooden piece on the hole and use the hammer to hit.
Now drag the nail on the wooden piece and use the hammer to hit.
Now drag the mirror.
Open the First aid box in the inventory panel and take Medicine box, Paper piece and syringe.
Open the medicine box and take the medicine bottle.
Open the bottle with cutter, use syringe to collect the medicine and note the clue 5ml.
Open the tablet bottle in the inventory panel and note the hint 12 tablets.
Open the paper piece in the inventory and see the clue.
Now you get the clue number 512.
Click the locker on the wall and enter the hint 512 and take the key. Zoom out.
Move to the bed room, use the key to open the right side drawer and take a Torch light.
Open the torch light in the inventory panel and insert the batteries and get it back.
Move to the living room, click the table and place the candle stand.
Put the torch light on it and watch the action. Take the key and open the door and escape.

Walkthrough Video