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Walkthrough for Deadly Desert Escape

The 351st escape game from 123bee.com The Archeologist loses his way in the desert and exhausted after a long walk, sees an abandoned barn with a helicopter. Now he has to find the key to fly the helicopter and escape. Help him and have thrill ful experience.
Click the wooden box near the castle to get closer.
Get the Iron rod, and use it to break the lock of the wooden box.
Get the binocular lens from inside the box. Zoom out.
Click the cactus plant which is behind the helicopter to get closer.
You will see the teeth, get them. Zoom out.
Get the a part of binoculars from the cactus plants on the left.
Also get another binoculars part near the castle's door.
Click the binoculars parts in the inventory panel.
Arrange all the three parts in the new window.
Also attach the lens, and close the window.
Click the ventilator, and get the cloth from there. Zoom out.
Go left, click on the bottom of the signboard to get closer.
Get the teeth, and zoom out.
Now click the signboard, use cloth to wipe it.
You will see the texts "123 bee give me the key". Zoom out.
Click the mound behind the signboard to get closer.
Get the tooth, zoom out and go right.
Click above the castle's ventilator to get closer.
Drag the binoculars and place it there, you will see a number 1947, note it.
Zoom out and click the bells on the left to get closer.
Get the eyeballs from the bells, zoom out.
Click the door to get closer, enter 1947 to open.
Click inside to enter the castle.
Click the barrel to get closer, click it again.
Get the tube from behind the barrel. Zoom out.
Click the cabinet on the right to get closer.
Open the door and get the welding machine. Zoom out.
Get the broken key pieces near the book on the floor. Zoom out.
Click the cylinder, drag the tube from the panel and attach it.
Attach the welding machine to the other end of the tube.
Drag the broken pieces and place them near the flame.
Wait for a while; you will get the key for the cupboard.
Click the cupboard to get closer, use the key to open it.
You will see a skull inside.
Ensure that you have collected six teeth in the panel.
Drag and attach the teeth one by one to the mouth.
You will see a key in the mouth, get it.
Once the skull disappears, you will see another door.
Use the key to open the next door.
Click the Monster to get closer, attach the eyeballs to it.
Monster will show you the clue number 4312. Note it and zoom out.
Click the drawer below the Monster to get closer.
Enter the clue number 4312, you will see a box inside there.
Type the texts "123 bee give me the key" in the box.
Get the key from the box, and come out of the castle.
Click the Helicopter and then on the door to get closer.
Use the key to open the door and escape from the deadly desert.

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