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Walkthrough for Dazzling House Escape

The 428th escape game from 123bee.com We will be releasing escape games on every MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. Your friends want to test your bravery and so they have bet you to stay in this dazzling house. So you got to get in and come out of this house successfully. Prove your bravery to them...!! GO AHEAD and GOOD LUCK...!!!
Click the shelf; take a book beside flower vase.
Move to dining room, take tong from the flower.
Click flower vase in that room, take a key.
Click wheel locker, drag key to open it. Take the sheet.
Click sheet to open in an inner window. Note the bar graph and close window.
Move to left room; enter graph value on the cupboard. The number is 3489. Take the MP3 player.
Click wall picture and note the number 148.
Move to main room; enter number 148 on the cupboard. Take the bag.
Click bag to open in an inner window.
Take the key from bag. Close window.
Move to left room, click cupboard under bed and drag key to open it. Take the CD.
Click MP3 Player to open in an inner window. Drag CD to insert and play it. Note the number on the display. The number is 156. Close window.
Move to kitchen; enter number 156 on the cupboard. Take screw driver.
Move to main room, click the chair.
Drag screw driver to open screws on the chair. Take the paper piece.
Click paper piece to open in an inner window. Note number in the graph. The number is 9768.
Move to kitchen; enter the number 9768 on the bottom cupboard. Take iron plate.
Click iron plate to open in an inner window. Drag tong to hold the iron plate. Close window.
Drag tong with iron plate and place inside utensil in kitchen.
Now iron plate has some colors. Note the colors. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.
Move to main room; enter the first letter of the color on the top cupboard. The code alphabet is RGBY. Take marker pen.
Click book to open in an inner window. Drag marker pen to get code on the paper. Note the number 1701.
Move to main door; enter the number 1701 on door locker.
Door opens.

Walkthrough Video