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Walkthrough for Dandy Room Escape

The 268th escape game from 123bee.com To get trapped is a terrible grief for any one. Here is a person who got locked in a dandy room. Now help him to move out from the place by using smart techniques.
Click the bottom of the refrigerator to get closer.
Get the puzzle piece and dart pin from there. Zoom out.
Click under the center table, get chewing gum.
Click the cup on the right side and get another puzzle piece. Zoom out.
Get another dart pin near the couch.
Also get another one from the plant pot.
Get ruler, identity card, cutter from the table drawer. Zoom out.
Click the ruler in the panel and drag the chewing gum from the panel to the ruler.
Close the window.
Click on the couch, now click the pillow and get another puzzle piece from there.
Zoom out and click on the back of the couch.
Drag the ruler to the back of the couch.
Get another puzzle piece. Zoom out.
Drag the dart pin to the dart board.
Note the number 351 and get back to the table drawer.
Use the number to open the drawer and get the gift box from it.
Zoom out, click the gift box in the panel, open it and get the mobile phone.
Close the window. Click the mobile phone in the panel.
Click the mobile phone for it to turn and get another puzzle piece.
Close the window.
Click the ID card in the panel to open in the window.
Click it to turn and drag the cutter to get another puzzle piece.
Close the window.
Get the Frisbee from the shelf, and click the teddy to get another puzzle piece.
And get magnifier from the upper shelf, zoom out.
Drag and leave the Frisbee near the pillow.
Wait a while; sparrow will let the puzzle pieces drop down from the nest and hanging bells.
Ensure that you have nine puzzle pieces in the panel.
Arrange the puzzle pieces; you will get the world map.
Drag the magnifier to the world map, and see the clue number 3488.
Make a note of the clue number.
Close the window.
Now use the number 3488 in the door to escape.

Walkthrough Video