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Walkthrough for Crime Scene Investigation 2

The 520th escape game from 123bee.com Detective, There’s been a murder. A man is found beaten and stabbed in his house. The Cause of the death is unknown and the suspect is none. Our investigation team needs your help. Put on your detective cap to help the team. Use your intelligence to solve the murder and find the criminal.
Take the Mobile below the couch.
Take the cigarette butt on the table.
Click the books on the shelf; take the blue book and locker.
Click on top shelf left and note the number 203.
Click the locker, enter the number 203 to open and take a Key.
Click the cupboard in the left corner.
Use the key to open and take the Wallet.
Open the wallet and take a Paper piece.
Click the blue book and take a puzzle paper.
Now drag the paper piece to get a number 6789.
Click the mobile and enter 6789 to get the address.
Click the puzzle piece; solve it to get the clue.
Go to the back side of the house.
Take a Screwdriver from near the Dustbin.
Take a Picture piece from left side top.
Click on the arrow; solve the hidden game to get an ID card.
Click the ID card, note it and go to 1st view.
Go right, click on the arrow to go inside.
Click on the dustbin, click to dig the trash and take a Picture piece.
Take a Picture piece from the Shirt.
Click the book on the bed and take a Picture Piece.
Take the hacksaw near the stool.
Click the middle window and take a Picture piece.
Click the window above the door.
Drag the hacksaw to cut and take a key.
Click on the clock, drag the key to open and take a Picture piece.
Click on the picture frame above the refrigerator.
Drag the pieces to get a clue ELLIENA@123.
Click on the laptop key board.
Enter ELLIENA@123 and click on my computer to get a number 3612.
Click on the briefcase near the bed ladder.
Enter 3612 to open and take a Cutter and Paper piece.
Click the paper piece and note the number 5555.
Click on the picture near the bed.
Drag the cutter and then screwdriver to open and take a box.
Click the box, enter 5555 to open and take the book.
Open the book and take a Negative, Thumbnail print and a logo.
Click the cigarette butt, click on finger print area.
Note the instruction and do it likewise.
Drag the negative, thumbnail print and the logo.
Now arrest the criminal.

Good Job Detective!
Walkthrough Video