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Walkthrough for Classroom Escape

You are locked up in the class room. The key is somewhere in the room. Use your brain power to find the key. You can also use objects which are present in the room. Use your talents to escape from there.
Classroom Escape Walkthrough: http://123bee.com/play/classroom-escape
  • Go to dustbin.
  • Look inside the dustbin and move away the waste paper.
  • Take the dustbin.
  • Go to water container.
  • Place the dustbin under the tap of water container.
  • Open the tap and let the water fill the dustbin.
  • Open the top part of the water container.
  • A fan regulator knob is inside the water container.
  • Take the knob.
  • Go to switchboard.
  • Fix the knob on fan regulator.
  • Turn the knob from 0 to 1.
  • Turn on the nearby switch.
  • The fan starts to spin, and the treasure chest falls down from the fan.
  • Go to red bag which is in the last row.
  • Press the brand label of bag to open it.
  • The bag opens.
  • Unzip the bag.
  • The key appears.
  • Take the key.
  • Use the key to open the treasure chest.
  • A key is inside the treasure chest. Take the key.
  • Go to rear side of the table.
  • Use 2nd key to open the drawer.
  • A duster is inside the drawer. Take the duster.
  • Go to the first row left side, to the pink bag.
  • Go close to left leg of sitting bench.
  • Take the blade which is hidden by the edge.
  • Take the duster from inventory panel.
  • Use blade to cut the sponge part of the duster.
  • A key appears. Take the key.
  • Use the 3rd key to open the door.
  • The door opens.
Walkthrough Video
Classroom Escape Walkthrough Video Walkthrough: