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Walkthrough for Classic Bed Room Escape

The 265th escape game from 123bee.com A mom punishes her son for his mischievous behavior by locking him alone in the bedroom. Now help the boy to escape from the room.
Get the telephone receiver and the camera from the table.
Drag the receiver from the panel to the right side floor.
And get the magnet from the receiver.
Open the cupboard take the black and white thread.
Click the white thread to open in the new window.
Drag the black thread and then magnet to tie them. Close window.
Click on the window by turning the knobs and note the sign in the back ground
Drag the thread to the window and get the key.
Click the drawer of the cupboard twice to zoom.
Use the key to open the cupboard drawer.
Get the batteries from it.
Click on the bed to get closer.
Take the broomstick, drag it under the bed and get the key.
Click the pillow and get the mobile phone.
Use the key to open the suitcase and take the memory card.
Click the camera to open in a new window.
Click it to turn, open the slot and insert the memory card.
Open the battery cover and insert the batteries.
You will see a clue number 8541, note it.
Use the clue number 8541 to open the trolley bag and take the binoculars.
Click the window and drag the binoculars to the board outside.
You can see a mobile number 9600117319, note it.
Click the mobile phone to open in a new window.
Press the enter button and type the word "HELP".
Press enter again and type the number 9600117319, then press enter.
Wait for a while to receive a message.
Open the message and note the number 9167.
Use the number on the door.

Walkthrough Video