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Walkthrough for Bungalow House Escape

The 412th escape game from 123bee.com You are locked up in the Bungalow House. The key is somewhere in the room. Use your brain power to find the key. You can also use objects which are present in the House. Use your talents to escape from there.
Go to left, Click left side pillow and take a key.
Click the books and take a last book.
Click the book, turn the pages and take a picture piece.
Go to right twice, Click the left drawer and use the key to open.
Take a picture piece and a bottle.
Click the bottle, open it and take a key.
Go to left thrice, Click the door and use the key to open it.
Click the bottom of the left table and take a Plate.
Take a red cloth from right side.
Click the washbasin and open the tap.
Drag the Cloth to the washbasin and close the tap.
Now take the cloth, Come out of this rest room.
Go to bed room view, click the mirror and drag the cloth.
Now you get the clue number 342. Zoom out.
Click the cupboard drawer and enter the number 342 to open.
Now take a picture piece, click on the book which is in above the drawer.
Take the first book, click the book and note the clue.
Go to left thrice, click left round cupboard and drag the plate.
Now you get a picture piece, go to right.
Click the wall locker, drag all the picture pieces and you get the paper piece.
Click the paper piece, enter the first 500 – 3000 = 2500.
Go to right and click the door and enter the number 2500 to open and escape.

Walkthrough Video