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Walkthrough for Bright Room Escape

The 257th escape game from 123bee.com You are trapped inside this Bright room. Use the clues and objects found there to escape from this place.
Get the key from the Middle Floor mat.
Use the key to open the cupboard on the left of the bed and take the Toy Top.
Click the bottom of the cupboard on right and drag the toy top
Take the Paper and note the number 758.
Enter the number 758 to open the right side cupboard of the Bed.
Take the Magnet. Get the Iron Rod from top of the Cupboard on right.
Click the Iron Rod open in new window and attach the Magnet. Close the window.
Use the Iron Rod to get the key from the left side picture board.
Use the Key to open the right side cupboard of the Bed and take the book.
Click the book to open in new window, turn the pages and note the number 72.
Take the Red Car and open it in new window.
Open the Battery cover and take the piece of paper.
Click on the Mirror and drag the Paper piece and note the number 66.
Click the Picture on top of the Bed and solve the puzzle.
Now enter the 6672 to open the cupboard and take the key.
Go to right and use the key to escape.

Walkthrough Video